DFWAPPA 2nd Quarter Article

Saturday, November 30, 2019


DFWAPPA has been busy this year and has welcomed several new and renewed relationships with some of our Business Partners (listed below). If you have not already, please be sure to take a moment before or after our Quarterly Meeting on November 14, 2019, at Texas Wesleyan University to say, “Hello”, and introduce yourself. (If you have not already registered, please be sure to do so.) In contrast, our Senior Board Member, Linda Buckingham, has resigned from the Board this year to focus on other obligations and we wish her success in all her future endeavors. As we do for all past and former Institutional Members, we hope to see her at future meetings.

We have a renewed focus and are intent on bringing APPA’s four core areas of competency; General Administration & Management, Operations & Maintenance, Energy, Utilities & Environmental Stewardship and Planning, Design & Construction to our assemblage and make one the focus during each of the technical presentations at our meetings. Moreover, we are making a concerted effort to incorporate APPA’s principle and values into the meetings by asking our Institutional Members to lend their voice to the organization and share with us their personal definitions and experience regarding integrity, honesty, respect, fairness, patience, nurturance, encouragement, growth & development, service, quality and collaboration. (APPA) I will personally kick this off at our November meeting, but beware – you may be asked to select one and speak at an upcoming meeting.

DFWAPPA is also gathering momentum on other initiatives, such as revamping the website and working toward the establishment of an Institutional Member Recruitment Committee. In fact, this has begun in a small way by offering a gift card to not only Business Partners, but also Institutional Members who bring a first-time attendee (from another institution) to the quarterly meetings! Moreover, I hope to entice Emeritus Members to take roles that are more active, perhaps participating as mentors, speakers and offer their wisdom on subcommittees. Last, but never least, plans for the Annual DFWAPPA Golf Tournament (Steve Adcock of TWU coordinating) are underway for spring of 2020. We are always open to new ideas, as well as want to know what the needs of our constituents are, to be better able to serve you. Please, do not hesitate to send them our way.

In essence, do not be surprised if you see a message from myself or another Board Member, seeking your talent and expertise as we cultivate the bounty of ideas, methodologies and creativity your experience can offer as we all move forward to make DFWAPPA as strong and effectual as possible, ever stalwart in our Mission.

Best regards,


Christina L. Williams

President, DFWAPPA Board

New or Renewed Business Partners, as of June 1, 2019:

Apex Engineered Solutions


DFW Janitorial Supply

Ferguson Enterprises

Performance Services

Reliant Elevator

Security Solutions

The Christman Company

U.S. Water Services


DFWAPPA 2nd Quarter Article

Greetings,   DFWAPPA has been busy this year and has welcomed several new and renewed relationships with some of our Business Partners (li ...