May 19, 2016

DFWAPPA Annual Meeting

Tarrant County College – South Campus

5301 Campus Drive

Fort Worth, Texas 76119

May 19, 2016

The meeting was called to order by President, Hollis Dyer at 2:00 p.m.

Board Members Present:

  • Hollis Dyer, President
  • Chad Crocker – Vice President
  • Treasurer – Sallie Spotanski
  • Mark Hart - Webmaster


    Board Members Absent:

  • Michael Brantley – Immediate Past President
  • Ken Dunson- Senior Board Member
  • Matt Elgin – Secretary


    All first time attendees were acknowledged by Hollis Dyer.


    Hollis announced there would be “one” more golf tournament at TWU next April and that Ward Sheeder would be spear heading the tournament.  A new location will be need to be determined at a later date since the golf course is closing.


    Hollis mentioned due to “time constraints” by some of those in attendance and remotely the business meeting today would not be conducted as formally as it had been in the past.


    Annual Meeting Business Meeting called to order at 2:15 p.m. by Hollis Dyer


    Election of Officers:


    Hollis announced the board had approved the following nominees for the vacant board positions at board meeting held last month: 


  • Christina Williams, TWU – Senior Board Member
  • Chris Campbell, TCCD  – Junior Board Member


    There being no floor nominations, Christina and Chris were unanimously voted upon to fill the vacant positions


    Special Awards:  Emeritus:


    Art Sykes was the Emeritus Recipient this year and he was presented his award using the latest technology via “Facebook”.   Art expressed his appreciation to all and regretted he couldn’t attend the meeting in person to accept but due to health issues but being able to “Facetime” was the next best thing. He was extremely pleased with the growth of the organization and wished everyone the best.


    President’s Distinguished Business Partner Award:


    Dee Norris, Owner, Your Pest Control was presented with the Business Partner Award.  Dee expressed her appreciation and stated she had was very pleased to belong to this association.


    President’s Distinguished Facilities Award:


    Matt Elgin, Director of Facilities at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary was the Facilities Recipient and his award will be presented to him at the next board meeting.


    Officer’s Reports:


    Immediate Past President – Michael Brantley – No report since he was absent.


    President Hollis Dyer


    Hollis welcomed and thanked everyone again for their attendance and also expressed appreciation to the following sponsors for their support and contribution:


  • EMR Elevator – Lunch/Dinner Sponsor
  • EMR Elevator – Technical Presentation
  • Registration Sponsor – Your Pest Control
  • Water Consultants of America – Break/Prize Sponsor


    At this time Hollis had nothing else to report but mentioned plans were underway for the Business Partner Appreciation and additional information will be available at the August Meeting.


    Vice President Chad Crocker


    Chad announced if anyone would like to be a sponsor to be sure and contact him or the upcoming Vice-President so their sponsorship could be entered into the schedules for this coming year as there were a few spaces still available.  Announcements would be forthcoming in the months ahead regarding the meetings and other pertinent information.


    Secretary – Matt Elgin - Absent


    Sallie Spotanski acted as recording secretary and reported the minutes from the 2015 annual meeting had been approved by the board previously and would be posted on the website in the near future.


    Treasurer’s Report:  Sallie Spotanski


    Sallie reported the board had approved the following bank balances as of April 30, 2016 as detailed spreadsheets were provided at the previous board meeting and copies of both bank statements coincided with the amounts shown:


    • Main account (1856) - $8,988.62
    • Scholarship ( 1885) - $4,787.32
    • Total $ 13,775.94


      Hollis asked for a motion to accept the treasurer’s report.  Ver Barritt made the motion and Mark Hart seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.


      Website – Mark Hart – Webmaster


      No report was given.










      Committee Reports:


      By-Laws: - Sallie Spotanski, Shelton Riley (Co-Chairs)


      Sallie announced the following as recommended changes this year and these items had been previously presented and approved at the last board meeting.


  • The addition of the Code of Ethics, Conflict of Interest and Policy Form.
  • Kevin Folsom, Founder of DFWAPPA, would not incur any meeting fees going forward.


    New Business:


    Sallie announced the TAPPA 2016 Conference will be hosted by TCU and held in Fort Worth, April 8th -11th at the Hilton Hotel.  Packets are available at this time and may be picked up following the meeting.  Numerous booth spaces have been sold and speaker applications are also available.


    Hollis presented the association with the President’s Gavel Award which displays all past presidents of the association since inception.  The award will be displayed at each meeting and the names of the new presidents will be added accordingly.


    “Swearing in” of the new officers was conducted by Shelton Riley as follows:


                                                   2016-2017 DFWAPPA Board


  • Immediate Past President – Hollis Dyer                       
  • President – Chad Crocker
  • Vice President – Matt Elgin                                          
  • Treasurer – Sallie Spotanski
  • Secretary – Ken Dunson                        
  • Senior Board Member – Christina Williams   
  • Junior Board Member – Chris Campbell


Hollis expressed his appreciation for the support he had from all this past year and stated he was happy to report that the Business Partner’s Email Addresses have been updated. 


Shari Fricke will serve on the Standing Committee as a Business Partner Liaison.  Hollis requested anyone who wishes to serve on a committee to please contact any board member.


Chad Crocker presented Hollis with the Past President’s Award and also a gift certificate from the board for his service his past year.


The annual business meeting came to a close at 2:48 p.m.


Several door prizes were awarded at the meeting and EMR held a panel discussion immediately following the annual business meeting.  In addition a brief tour was given.


Dinner was served by TCP Catering.


Respectfully submitted,



Sallie Spotanski

Acting Secretary