3939 Valley View Lane
Farmers Branch, Texas 75224

​Institutional Member:

Vincent Price
Senior Director Facilities Services
Phone:  972.860.4601​
Email:  VPrice@dcccd.edu

Associate Members:

Garry Hodges
Associate Director Energy Management Services
Phone:  972.860.4248
Email:  GHodges@dcccd.edu

Cedar Valley College

3030 N. Dallas Ave.
Lancaster, Texas 75134

Institutional Member:

Cindy Rogers
Director of Facilities Management
Phone:  962.860.8187
Email:  crogers@dcccd.edu

Associate Members:

Tom Lanese
Associate Director of Energy Management
Phone:  972.860.8188
Email:  tlanese@dcccd.edu

​​Dallas County Community College District - Facilities Management

4343 IH 30
Mesquite, Texas 75150


Institutional Member:

Sharon Wilson
Director of Engineering
Phone:  972.860.7763
Email:  sharonw@dcccd.edu

Associate Members:

Mary A. Alvarado
Administrative Assistant
Phone:  972.860.7934
Email: malvarado@dcccd.edu

Patricia Counce
Facilities Design Specialist
Phone:  972.860.7496
Email: pcounce@dcccd.edu


Facilities Design Specialist-Architect
Phone:  972.860.8969
Email: gentish@dcccd.edu

Donna Morale
Administrative Assistant II
Phone:  972.860.7760
Email:  donnamorale@dcccd.edu

Jean Owens
District Interior Designer
Phone:  972.860.7742
Email:  jowens@dcccd.edu

Khaison Reed
Civil Engineer
Phone:  972.860.4002
Email:  khaisonreed@dcccd.edu

Dallas Independent School District


Institutional Member:

Paul Poe
Director Maintenance Solutions
Phone:  972.925-2142
Email: tpayton@dallasisd.org

Associate Members:


Dallas Theological Seminary

3909 Swiss Avenue
Dallas, Texas 75204


Institutional Member:

Dee Littlejohn
Director Of Campus Services
Phone:  214.887.5006
Email: dlittlejohn@dts.edu

Associate Members:

Brian Gerberich
Director of Maintenance Operations
Phone:  214.887.5174
Email: bgerberich@dts.edu

Glenn Monro
Director of Facilities Coordination,
Facilities Services

Phone:  214.887.5173
Email: gmonro@dts.edu

Irene Vielma
Manager of Custodial Operations
Phone:  214.887.5187
Email: ivielma@dts.edu

Eastfield College

3737 Motley Drive
Mesquite, Texas 75150


Institutional Member:

Michael Brantley
Director of Facilities Management
Phone:  972.860.7640
Email: mbrantley@dcccd.edu

Associate Members:

Christopher Broumley
Facilities Maintenance Service Helper
Phone:  214.306.1046
Email:  chrisbroumley@dcccd.edu

James Foster
Associate Director Facilities Maintenance
Phone:  972.860.7131
Email:  jamesfoster@dcccd.edu

John D. Gunter
Associate Director of Facilities Management
Phone:  972-860-8315
Email: jgunter@dcccd.edu

Beth Howard
Support Services Assistant Facilities Services
Phone:  972.860.8314

Adam Qualkenbush
Associate Director Facilities Maintenance
Phone:  972.860.8378
Email:  adamqualkenbush@dcccd.edu

El Centro College

801 Main St.
Dallas, TX 75202


Institutional Member:

Jeremy McClelland
Director of Facilities Management
Phone:  214.860.2351
Email: jmcclelland@dcccd.edu

Associate Member:

Mike Johnson
Associate Director of Energy
Phone:  214.860.2492
Email:  majohnson1@dcccd.edu

Mountain View College

4849 W. Illinois Ave
Dallas, Texas 75211

Institutional Member:

Allen Knott
Director of Facilities Management
Phone:  214.860.8670​
Email:  aknott@dcccd.edu

Associate Members:

Ronnie Suggs
Associate Director of Energy
Phone:  214.860.8556
Email:  rsuggs@dcccd.edu

North Lake College


Institutional Member:

John Watson, LEED AP O+M
Director of Facilities Management
Phone: 972.273.3353
Email: jwatson@dcccd.edu

Associate Members:

Beth Langer
Associate Director Facilities Management
Phone:  972.273.3296
Email: blanger@dcccd.edu

Brandon C. Murrell, LEED Green Assoc.
Assistant Director Facilities Services
Phone:  972.273.3177
Email:  bmurrell@dcccd.edu

Richland College

12800 Abrams Road
Dallas, Texas 75243-2199

Institutional Member:

Ken Dunson
Director Facilities Services
Phone:  972.238.6171

Associate Members:

Ron Clark
Vice President - Business Services
Phone:  214.360.1221

Gary Hearn
Assoc. Director Facilities Maintenance Management
Phone:  972.238.6380
Email: garyhearn@dcccd.edu

Jerry Owens, ATEM
Senior Associate Director - Facilities Management
Phone:  972.238.6173
Email: jwowens@dcccd.edu

LeeAnne Scott
Administrative Assistant
Phone:  972.238.3793
Email:  LAscott@dcccd.edu

Emeritus Members:

Eddie Hueston

Southern Methodist University


Institutional Members:

Erick English
Director of Maintenance and Grounds
Phone:  214.768.1644
Email: eenglish@smu.edu

Associate Members:

Vince Higgins
Assoc. Dir. Maintenance and Grounds
Phone:  214.768.1436
Email: vincehiggins@smu.edu

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary


Institutional Member:

Cary McMillan
Director of Facilities
Phone:  817.923.1921 ext.7900
Email: cmmillan@swbts.edu

Associate Members:

Wages Forman
Associate Director, Physical Plant
Phone:  817.923.1921 ext.7900
Email: wforman@swbts.edu 

Tarrant County College District - South Campus

1033 McCart Avenue
Crowley, Texas 76036​

Institutional Member:

Associate Members:​

Tarrant County College District - Northeast Campus

828 W. Harwood Road
Hurst, Texas 76054

Institutional Member:

Chris Campbell
Director of Construction Project Management
Phone:  817.515.6297
Email:  christopher.campbell@tccd.edu

Associate Members:

Mei-Feng  (Tina) Chen
CMMS Manager
Phone:  817.515.6182
Email:  meifeng.chen@tccd.edu

Dagny Jackson

Administrative Office Assistant
Phone:  817.515.6727
Email:  dagny.jackson@tccd.edu

John P. Tilley, A.S.
Facilities Manager
Phone:  817.515.6331
Email:  john.tilley@tccd.edu

Tarrant County College District - Northwest Campus

4801 Marine Creek Parkway
Fort Worth, Texas 76179

Institutional Member:

Joseph A. (Joe) Gonzalez
Facilities Manager
Phone:  817.515.7951
Email:  joseph.gonzalez@tccd.edu​

​Associate Members:

Tarrant County College District - ODMC

5450 North Riverside Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76137


Institutional Member:

Gary Preather
Assoc. V.C. Real Est./Fac
Phone:  817.515.6091
Email: gary.preather@tccd.edu

Associate Members:

Pat Carter
Custodial Supervisor
Phone:  817.515.6653
Email: patricia.carter@tccd.edu

David Hoelke

Dir. Sys. Infra Utility Energy
Phone: 817.515.6480
Email: david.hoelke@tccd.edu

Michael Tankersley
Director of Facilities Operations
Phone:  817.515.6702
Email:  michael.tankersley@tccd.edu

Tarrant County College District - South Campus

5301 Campus Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76119

Institutional Member:

Associate Members:

Tarrant County College District  - Southeast Campus

2100 Southeast Parkway
Arlington, Texas 76018

Institutional Member:

Associate Members: 

Tarrant County College District - Trinity River Campus

300 Trinity Campus Circle
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

Institutional Member:

Nathan Zimring
Facilities Manager
Phone: 817.515.1951
Email: nathan.zimring@tccd.edu

Associate Members:

Linda Buckingham
Administrative Office Assistant
Phone:   817.515.1950
Email: linda.buckingham@tccd.edu

Suzanne Robinson

Manager of Risk and Insurance
Phone:  817.515.1829
Email: d.robinson@tccd.edu

Bobby Tillman
Chief Plant Operator
Phone:  817.515.1921
Email: bobby.tillman@tccd.edu

Texas Christian University

3589 Bellaire Drive North (Physical Plant Office)
Fort Worth, Texas 76109


Institutional Members:

Hollis Dyer
Director of Building Maintenance
Phone:  817.257.5305
Email: h.dyer@tcu.edu

Associate Members:

Ver Barritt
Supervisor, Bldg. Maintenance
Phone:  817.257.5302
Email: v.barritt@tcu.edu

Richard Bryan
Assistant Director
Phone:  817.257.5305
Email: r.bryan@tcu.edu

Mark Hart
Sign Shop
Phone:  817.257.5305
Email: m.hart@tcu.edu

Harold Leeman, P.E.
Director, Planning, Design & Construction
Phone:  817.257.7083
Email:  h.leeman@tcu.edu

David Muzzy,P.E.,CEM,LEED GA

Energy Manager, Physical Plant
Phone:  817.257.4928
Email: d.muzzy@tcu.edu

Shelton D. Riley, Jr., CEFP
Director Facilities Services
Phone:  817.257.5315
Email: s.riley@tcu.edu

Texas Wesleyan University


Institutional Member:

Jimmy Greshman
Director of Facilities Operations
Phone:  817.531.4452
Email: greshman@txwes.edu

Associate Members:

Alyssa Cavitt
Facilities Operations Coordinator
Phone:  817.531.4252
Email:  arcavitt@txwes.edu

Texas Woman's University


Institutional Members:

Rob Ramirez
Associate Vice President, Facilities Management & Construction
Phone:  940.898.3142
Email: rramirez9@twu.edu

Associate Members:

Steven Adcock
Manager, Construction Services
Phone:  940.898.3143
Email:  sadcock@twu.edu

Kenneth Burt
Manager, Facilities Maintenance and Operations
Phone:  940.898.3138
Email: kburt@twu.edu

Daniel Knabe
Supervisor, Automotive Services
Phone:   940.898.3166
Email: dknabe@twu.edu

Josie Ramirez
Manager, Custodial Operations
Facilities Management and Construction
Phone:  940.898.3136
Email:  jramirez30@twu.edu

Ward Sheeder Asst. Director, Plant Utilities
Facilities Management and Construction
Phone:  940.898.3172 Email:  wsheeder@twu.edu

Christina L. Williams
Manager, Facilities Business & Support Services
Phone:  940.898.3168
Email:  cwilliams@twu.edu

The Oakridge School

5900 W. Pioneer Pkwy.
Arlington, Texas 76013

Institutional Member:

Daniel Languell
Director of Facilities
Phone:  817.563.9705
Email:  dlanguell@theoakridgeschool.org

Associate Members:​

The University of Texas - Dallas​

800 West Campbell Road, FM 11
Richardson, Texas 75080-3021

Institutional Member:

Douglas P. Tomlinson, P.E.
Director of Engineering, Construction and Planning
Phone:  972.883.2124
Email:  douglas.tomlinson@utdallas.edu

Associate Members:

Trinity Christian Academy

17001 Addison Road
Addison, Texas 75001

Institutional Member:

Kevin Folsom
Director of Campus Operations
Phone:  972.447.4748
Email:  kfolsom@trinitychristianacademy.org

Associate Members:

Radu Sucilea
Maintenance Manager
Phone:  214.244.7639
Email:  rsucilea@trinitychristianacademy.org

University Of Dallas

1845 E. Northgate Dr.
Irving, Texas 75062-4736

Institutional Member:

Jerry Haba
Director of Facilities
Phone:  972.721.5000
Email: dhaba@udallas.edu

Associate Members:

James McGovern
Director, Facilities
Phone:  972.721.5297
Email: gmcgovern@udallas.edu

Bennie D. Harden
Phone:  972.721.4097
Email: bharden@udallas.edu

University of North Texas - Denton

1144 Union Circle #311040
Denton, Texas 76203

Institutional Member:

David Reynolds
Asst. VP Facilities
Phone:  940.369.7886
Email: David.Reynolds@unt.edu

Associate Members:

Chad Crocker
Sr. Director Facilities Maintenance
Phone:  940.565.3992
Email: Chad.Crocker@unt.edu

Rod Moran
Facilities Services Manager

Phone:  940.369.7335
Email: rod.moran@unt.edu

Gail Henderson
Work Control Specialist
Phone:  940.891.6853
Email: Gail.Henderson@unt.edu

Helen S. Bailey, AIA, LEED AP
Director, Facilities Plan and Design
Phone:  940.369.7886
Email: helen.bailey@unt.edu

David Barkenhagen, C.E.H.
Facilities Services Manager
Phone:  940.369.7311
Email: DBarkenhagen@unt.edu

Rick McCormick
Facilities Maintenance Manager
Phone:  940.369.7356
Email: rmccormick@unt.edu

Richard (Dick) Milan
Lead Skilled Craft Technician
Phone:  940.369.7307
Email: Dick.Milan@unt.edu

William (Bruce)Anthony
Facilities Construction Inspector
Phone:  940.369.7221
Email: william.anthony@unt.edu

Randy Salsman
Sr. Fac. Project Constr. Manager
Phone:  940.369.7348
Email: Randy.Salsman@unt.edu

Neely Shirey
Facilities Planner
Phone:  940.369.8264
Email: Neely.Shirey@unt.edu

Cheryl Smith
Design Manager

Phone:  940.565.4365
Email: Cheryl.Smith@unt.edu

Ed Carrigan
Facilities Planning Manager
Phone:  940.369.5131
Email: Edwin.Carrigan@unt.edu

John Green
Sign Shop Design Supervisor
Phone:  940.369.7321
Email: greenj@unt.edu

Sharon Bercel-Kirkpatrick
Capital Planner
Phone:  940.891.6758
Email: sharon.kirkpatrick@unt.edu

Luke Taylor

Asst. Director Facilities Maintenance
Phone:  940.369.7381
Email: Luke.Taylor@unt.edu

University of North Texas Health and Science Center - Fort Worth

3416 Darcy Street (Facilities Office)
Fort Worth, Texas 76107

Institutional Member:

Jason Hartley
Vice President of Operations
Phone:  817.735.2077
Email: Jason.Hartley@unthsc.edu

Associate Members:

Randall Christopher, CEM, LEED AP
Energy Manager
Phone:  817.735.0471
Jerry Emerson
Manager, Custodial Services
Phone:  817.735.0116
David Lipe Maintenance Foreman Phone:  817.735.5447 Email:  David.Lipe@unthsc.edu
Terry Rogers

Building Utilities Operator
Phone:  817.735.2182
Email:  Terry.Rogers@unthsc.edu

Seth Willmoth
Executive Director Facilities Management
Phone:  817.735.5181
Email:  Seth.Willmoth@unthsc.edu

Emeritus Members:

Gloria Fuller
Sallie Spotanski

University of Texas-Arlington

Website:  http://www.uta.edu

Institutional Member:

Mark Lanier
Director of Physical Plant
Phone:  817.272.3571
Email: mlanier@uta.edu

Associate Members:

John Guelian, RA
Phone:  817.272.3571
Email: jguelian@uta.edu

Don Lange
Asst. Dir To offices of Facilities Management

Phone:  817.272.3571
Email: donaldlange@uta.edu

Charles B. Sims
Associate Director of the Physical Plant
Phone:  817.272.7000
Fax:  817.272.5794
Email: CBS@uta.edu

University of Texas - Dallas

Website:  www.utdallas.edu

800 W. Campbell Road, FM11
Richardson, Texas 75080-3021

Institutional Member:

Richard Dempsey
VP for Facilities Management
Email: rmd061000@utdallas.edu

Associate Members:

Douglas P. Tomlinson, P.E.
Director of Engineering, Construction and Planning
Phone:  972.883.2124
Email:  douglas.tomlinson@utdallas.edu

Kelly Kinnard
Dir. for Facilities Management
Email: kellykinnard@utdallas.edu

Steve Lyles
Utilities Operations Supervisor
Email: lyles@utdallas.edu

University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center


5323 Harry Hines Blvd.
Dallas, Texas 75390

Institutional Member:

Shaoqing He
Office:  214.648.7920

Associate Members:


DFWAPPA Quarterly Meeting - February 13, 2020

Quarterly Meetings 2020 Thursday, February 13, 2020 Location: ...