Business Partner Presentation Guidelines

We sincerely appreciate your interest and sponsorship as a technical speaker at our meetings.

Due to many complaints received by various members, and to ensure that our members receive the highest level of educational information and quality in the presentations offered, the following guidelines must be adhered to when presenting.

  1. The presentation may ABSOLUTELY not be a sales pitch.
  2. Company marketing materials may be displayed in the room but must not be referred to or mentioned during the presentation.
  3. Presentations including power point, slides, DVD’s, etc., must not display the company name and/or logo during the session.
  4. The educational sessions should be generic and focus on successful projects which have been completed or are in progress.
  5. Presentations that offer Continuing Educational Credits (CEU’s) are highly recommended.

We understand and appreciate your desire to showcase your company; however during the educational presentation is not the place to do it.

DFWAPPA provides other opportunities for maximizing exposure through sponsorships and networking. We highly value our business partners and want them to have as much exposure to the membership as possible.

DFWAPPA is continually working to grow facility member’s attendance and participation at our meetings. Your compliance with the above guidelines is appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.