Annual Meeting Minutes 2019

Annual Meeting Minutes 2019



Annual Meeting Minutes


Date:   May 16, 2019

Meeting Location:  Texas Woman’s University – Denton, TX

Board Members in attendance: Chad Crocker, Ken Dunson, Christina Williams, Sallie Spotanski, Gail Henderson, David Muzzy, Irene Vielma, Dee Littlejohn


2:20 PM Meeting called to order.

Introduction and welcome by Ken Dunson, President. Introduced current Board Members, and thanked TWU and Christina Williams for hosting the annual meeting.

Recognition and thanks to sponsors:

Registration Sponsor                         Huckabee                               Mark Berg

Prize Sponsor                                     Trane                                      Melissa Howard

Technical Presentation                       Conley Group                        Kyle Hunter

Dinner Sponsor                                   Blackmon Mooring               Kacie Griffin


Recognition of first time attendees: Ken recognized first time attendees.

Prize Drawing – Melissa Howard with Trane presented prizes.


  • President’s Report – No increase in dues or registration fees for this coming 2019 / 2020 year. Business Partner membership dues will remain $250/yr., and Quarterly Meeting registration fee will remain $20 per person.


  • Vice President Report – no report given


  • Treasurer’s Report
  1. General Account balance as of 3/31/19, $2,588.81
  2. Scholarship Account balance as of 3/31/19, $2,247.52
  3. 2018 & 2019 Golf Tournament final proceeds reports will be given at the August 2019 Quarterly Meeting. Half of golf tournament net proceeds go to fund scholarships.

    Chad Crocker made motion to approve; seconded by David Muzzy. Motion passed by General Assembly.
  • Secretary’s Report:

    Presentation of May 2018 Annual Meeting minutes for approval (provided on tables).

    Sallie Spotanski made motion to approve; seconded by Ken Dunson. Motion passed by General Assembly.


Committee Reports

Nomination Committee: Each individual serves a one (1) year term (except Treasurer).

Board nominations:

Treasurer – Gail Henderson / University of North Texas – Denton Campus

Junior Board Member - Jimmy Gresham / Texas Wesleyan University

Senior Board Member – Linda Buckingham / Tarrant County College District Trinity River Campus

Web Master - Tina Chen / Tarrant County College District ODMC

Open Nominations from the floor - none

Chad Crocker made motion to accept nominations; seconded by David Muzzy. Nominations approved by the General Assembly.

Election and Installation of Officers and Directors (Articles V and VI)

Motion was made to accept elected officers; motion seconded. Motion approved by the General Assembly, and Officers were instated for the coming year as follows:

  • Immediate Past President: Ken Dunson
  • President: Christina Williams
  • Vice President: Sallie Spotanski
  • Treasurer: Gail Henderson
  • Secretary: David Muzzy
  • Senior Board Member: Linda Buckingham
  • Junior Board Member: Jimmy Gresham
  • Webmaster: Tina Chen

Official “Passing of the Gavel” to incoming President – Christina Williams, and Oath of Office for all 2019/2020 Board Members. Ken expressed his enjoyment of serving as President over the past year.

Special Committee Report – Chad Crocker presenting

Business Partner of the Year Award – awarded to Roger Pound - Tremco

Facility Member Award – Outstanding Service to DFWAPPA organization – awarded to LeeAnne Scott – Richland Community College

Emeritus Member Award – awarded to Dee Norris – Retired from Your Pest Control

Bylaw Committee Report – No changes to Bylaws.

Scholarships – Four (4) $500 scholarships available and 12 eligible Institutions. An Institution representative must be present at the meeting to win.

Scholarships awarded:

  1. Tarrant County College – ODMC Campus – Tina Chen representing;
  2. University of North Texas – Denton Campus – Chad Crocker representing;
  3. Tarrant County College – TRC Campus – Linda Buckingham representing;
  4. Texas Wesleyan University – Jimmy Gresham representing.


Technical Presentation given by: Conley Group – Kyle Hunter and Gary Williams, 

Building Enclosure Commissioning    

Q & A                             


Other Business / Announcements:

  • The August Quarterly Meeting will be held at Eastfield College in Mesquite.


Prize Drawing – Melissa Howard with Trane presented prizes.

4:10pm Meeting adjourned.    

Dinner and group photo.


Minutes recorded by Gail Henderson, DFWAPPA Secretary