Annual Meeting Minutes 2018

Annual Meeting Minutes 2018


Annual Meeting Minutes

Date:   May 17, 2018

Meeting Location:  Richland College

Board Members in attendance: Chad Crocker - Immediate Past President, Matt Elgin - President, Ken Dunson- V.P., Christina Williams - Secretary, Gail Henderson - Senior Board Member, Irene Vielma – Junior Board Member, Dee Littlejohn-Webmaster

Board Members not in attendance: Sallie Spotanski- Treasurer

Introduction and welcome by Ken Dunson, Vice President and Incoming President, DFWAPPA. Ken gave a description of Richland College, program, growth, and description of campus. “Thunderduck Lake” used as background for group photo today. Mascot of Richland College are the “Mighty Thunderducks”.

Mr. Dunson explained that every building at the college is named after a waterway in Texas. In 2003, the college President wanted the building to be named Thunderduck Hall but there was no waterway called that. Therefore, the President lobbied the Texas Legislature to name the lake “Thunderduck Lake” so they could name the building that.

Have many unique features about Sabine Hall, also a LEED building with light harvesting but looking to convert some to LED, etc. Continuing to maintain and progress with LEED standards.

Mr Dunson turned the mic over to President, Matt Elgin.

Matt Elgin, President, called the Annual Meeting to order at 2:24pm.

Matt explained that this is a unique meeting, as it is also an occasion in which the DFWAPPA Board “Passes the Torch”. Gifts were presented for people who have supported DFWAPPA throughout the years, as well.

Welcome to all was extended by the President with special thanks to sponsors:

Registration Sponsor                         CORE Construction, John Hero representing

Prize Sponsor                                     Restoration Specialists, Jason Stout representing

Technical Presentation                       Trane, Scott Freshette representing

Dinner Sponsor                                   McLemore, David Prewitt representing

Recognition of first time attendees: Rick Graves, DBXA Ft. Worth; Chris Akin, Dunway Services (GIS Service Lines in Higher Ed, K-12, etc.)

Matt invited introduction of first time facilities staff brought to meeting by Business Partners and reminded Business Partners that if they bring a friend, DFWAPPA raffles gifts for those who invited the new attendees. He encouraged everyone to invite someone and to become eligble for the raffle.

Prize Drawing #1 - Jason from Restoration Specialists and Matt Elgin drawing. Winners were:

Gibson Mammen

Byron Knight

David Muzzy

John Hero

Ben King

Presentation of May 2017 Annual Meeting minutes for approval. It was also reported that DFWAPPA currently has 25 Business Partners and 19 Institutional.

Ken Dunson thanked the meeting sponsors and reminded everyone that we still have openings for sponsorship at the August meeting.

Secretary’s Report: Motion was made for approval – Chad Crocker; and second motion carried Shelton Riley. Motion passed.


·       President’s Report - No report


·       Vice President Report- No report


·       Secretary’s report- Ken presented minutes from the March meeting. Minutes were previously approved by Board. Motion was made for approval and seconded. Motion carried.

·       Treasurer’s Report 

1.     $8,354.64 – General balance

2.     $4,481.32 – Scholarship balance

3.     Going to address the scholarship account with a Bylaw change. Had a conflict regarding attendance for Matt Elgin. Motion to accept by David Muzzy; seconded by Ken Dunson.

Motion was made for approval and seconded. Motion carried.

·       Committee Reports - No reports


·       Special Committee Reports

1st – Business Partner of the Year Award. Chad Crocker presenting – member stood beside at DFWAPPA and TAPPA for years. Ben King from Metro Golf Cars has been a vital, functional part of DFWAPPA with a longstanding relationship. Ben graciously accepted on behalf of himself and Mike Petrovich.

2nd – Facility Award – Outstanding Service to DFWAPPA as an organization – Has consulted, been dedicated, planned and arm-wrestled sponsors for the Golf Tournament – Recipient, Hollis Dyer. Hollis graciously accepted.

3rd – Emeritus Award – Recognizing individual both maintenance and facilities award – Charter member of DFWAPPA and has served at DTS and retired in 2017 – Recipient Dan Hasse. Accepted by Matt Elgin on behalf of Mr. Hayes.

ByLaw Committee – President may designate another Board Member to attend the annual TAPPA Conference registration, travel, etc. on their behalf.

o   Powers and Duties of the President. Add item L, “Shall represent DFWAPPA at the annual TAPPA Conference, in case he or she cannot attend… The President may designate another board member to serve as DFWAPPA’s representative...”


o   Article XI, Section B – Checks. Delete sentence, “In absence of such determination by the Board of Directors, such instruments shall be signed by the Treasurer, the President, or the Vice President of the Association”.

o   Scholarships – add “minimum of” two….;


o   Motion to accept changes to Bylaws made by Chad Crocker – Seconded by Irene Vilma.

All motions passed and carried.

Scholarships – can give out two (2) $500 scholarships each year. Had 10 that fit into that ruling and have to be present to win.

1.     TWU received $500 Scholarship

2.     Richland College received $500 Scholarship

Matt Elgin thanked Hollis Dyer and Shelton Riley for Golf Tournament we just had and willingness of everyone to step up for events like this.

Matt shared with the group that he enjoys leadership books and one of his favorite is Top 10 Leadership Commands. One of the commands is “Thou Shalt Not Serve Thou Own Ego”. Matt reminded everyone that their career is what they’re paid to do but their calling is what they’re made to do. Matt defined “passion” as where those two things intersect.

Matt also spoke to the meeting of 7 Deadly Motives of Leadership:

1.     Power (of position)

2.     Prestige (recognition)

3.     Position (title)

4.     Popularity

5.     Pride

6.     Personal Gain

7.     Paycheck

Humility is the component and servant leadership comes from the humility of your heart. We’re here to serve those around us. When we connect what we do to the educational process of the student, we can find the alignment, passion, and zone that keeps us doing what we do. Matt’s advice: Don’t serve your ego – use your position to affect that positive change around you.

Nomination Committee: Each individual serves a one (1) year term. One position currently available, for the Junior Board Member. David Muzzy from TCU is the potential to be voted on as next year’s Jr. Board Member.

No nominations from the floor. Hollis Dyer motioned acceptance of Officers, including David Muzzy as Jr. Board Member. Chad Crocker seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Recognizing the “Passing of the Gavel” and Oath of Office. All Officers and Directors come forward.

Election of Officers and Directors (Articles V and VI)-

Hollis motion that we made Officer nominations official.

Chad seconded motion. Motion carried and Officers were instated for the coming year as follows:

·       Matt Elgin - Immediate Past President

·       Ken Dunson – President

·       Christina Williams – Vice President

·       Sallie Spotanski - Treasurer

·       Gail Henderson - Secretary,

·       Irene Vielma - Senior Board Member

·       David Muzzy – Junior Board Member

·       Dee Littlejohn - Webmaster

Dinner was served at 3:10PM.

Presentation given by Scott Freshette and Alan Ash of Trane. Scott thanked DFWAPPA for invitation to the events, Golf Tournament, Luncheons, and appreciate professionalism of organization. Today’s presentation is an update on refrigerants and the changes over the past few years. Sustainment of the refrigerant systems or when the system are slotted for replacement is important.

Alan Ash presented. (Joined Trane in 1965, they sent him to WI for training from Louisiana. Draft Board brought him back and went to the Air Force.) He’s the Systems Application Engineer for the State of Texas. Alan explained that Global Warming has helped to bring the technology for refrigeration to its current level.

Scholarship Drawings held.

1.     Southwest Theological Seminary – Scholarship Recipient

2.     UNT Denton – Scholarship Recipient

Drawings for Prizes: Matt & Ken drew and winners were:

Kenneth Fulk (Reed, Wells, Benson and Company)

Rick Graves (DPNXA Consultants)

Bruce Anthony (UNT)

Adam Scarsella (Nalco)

Wagner DaSilva (Richland College)

Zoe Freeman (American Technologies, Inc.)

Gary Hearn (Richland College)

Tammy Kleine (Belfor)


Meeting adjourned at 4:20PM.

Minutes recorded by Christina Williams, DFWAPPA Secretary