Annual Meeting Minutes 2012

May 17, 2012


Meeting Location:

Texas Christian University, MMAC, Fort Worth, Texas

2:00-2:30 pm

Registration- Meet and Greet

2:40 pm

Meeting called to order and welcome given to members by Ward Sheeder, of Texas Woman’s University


Ward Sheeder welcomed meeting attendees and recognized new business partners and new facilities members.

Current Board members were introduced: Past President Ron Tarbutton; President Ward Sheeder, Vice President Shelton Riley; Secretary Gail Henderson; Treasurer Sallie Spotanski; Sr. Board Member Bill Elvey; Jr. Board Member Rod Moran. Web Master: Dee Littlejohn

2:45-3:15 pm

Technical Presentation Technical presentation given by John Sumlin, Tandus Flooring, on concrete flooring related moisture issues.

3:30 pm

Tour: New football stadium;

4:00 pm

DFWAPPA group picture taken.


Business Meeting Officer Reports:

Secretary’s Report

Copies of previous annual meeting minutes dated 5-19-2011 were provided for members to review. The Secretary had nothing else to report. Ron Tarbutton mad a motion to accept the Secretary’s report; Bill Elvey seconded the motion. Minutes approved. 2011 Annual Meeting Minutes will be posted on DFWAPPA web site.

Vice President’s Report

Shelton Riley reported the August 9, 2012 DFWAPPA Quarterly Meeting will be held at Eastfield College, the November 8, 2012 Quarterly Meeting will be held at UNT Health Science Center, the February 2013 Quarterly Meeting will be held at Dallas Theological Seminary, and the May 2013 Annual Meeting is scheduled to be held at the University of Texas at Dallas. The Vice President had nothing else to report.

Treasurer’s Report

Sallie reported the balance in the main DFWAPPA account as of 4-1-2102 is $23,736.78 and the Scholarship Fund account as of 4-1-2012 was $5,029.26. There will be four $500 scholarships awarded at today’s meeting. A motion was made to accept the treasurer’s report and seconded; treasurer’s report was approved.

Additional Report

Hollis Dyer reported the 2012 DFWAPPA Golf Tournament raised approximately $5,800 this year, with half of net proceeds earmarked for educational scholarships. Past President, Ron Tarbutton, will head the 2013 tournament. Sponsorships are $600 per hole; sponsors should contact Ron early to guarantee their sponsorship.

Several door prizes were handed out.

President Report


Doug Titus – ASSA Abloy- will sponsor a traveling showroom in June. Flyer with details located at registration table. Ward reminded Business Partners the $175.00 annual dues are due to be paid now, and the 2012-2013 sponsorship fees remain unchanged.


Half of net proceeds from fund raising events such as the DFWAPPA golf tournament go to the DFWAPPA Scholarship Fund. Business Partner donations are also a source of scholarship funds. To be eligible for the scholarship drawing, an institutional member should complete a scholarship application and submit it to the President by the drawing deadline, and attend at least two quarterly meetings per year.

Random Drawings for four $500 educational scholarships were held and the following members each received a $500 scholarship:

Dee Littlejohn -Dallas Theological Seminary Gail Henderson – University of North Texas Ron Tarbutton -Texas Woman’s University Ward Sheeder – Texas Woman’s University

Election of New Board Members

Ron Tarbutton, Nomination Committee Chairman, read the board nominee for Jr. Board Member, Hollis Dyer, TCU, and the floor was opened for additional nominations.

Art Sykes nominated Michael Brantley, Eastfield College, as Jr. Board Member nominee.

Individual board nominees were voted on one at a time and approved by a general membership vote.

The new board members are:

President Shelton Riley, Vice President Bill Elvey, Secretary Gail Henderson, Treasurer Sallie Spotanski, Senior Board member Rod Moran, Junior Board member Michael Brantley, Web Master Dee Littlejohn, and Past President Ward Sheeder.

The new Board members were formally installed with an oath of office.


Past President Ward Sheeder announced the President Awards winners:

Facilities Member Hollis Dyer, TCU

Business Partner Dave Pinkerd and Paul Deal, Nouveau

Bill Elvey will receive the APPA Fellows Award, APPA’s highest award for individual achievement, at the APPA 2012 Conference in Denver, Co., July 18th.

Bob Casagrande will be awarded Emeritus Membership status at the August 2012 Quarterly Meeting. Keith Cook, retired Structural Manager at UNT, awarded Emeritus Membership status with DFWAPPA. Keith was also awarded Emeritus Membership status with TAPPA.

Final Announcements

Ward Sheeder thanked the meeting sponsor TANDUS, for sponsoring the Registration, Dinner and the Technical Presentation. The next DFWAPPA Quarterly Meeting will be held at Eastfield College, August 9, 2012, and will be sponsored by ThysenKrupp Elevator.

APPA 2012 Conference scheduled in Denver, CO, July 17-19, 2012.

CAPPA 2012 will be hosted by TCU, and held in Dallas, October 14-17. Registration is on CAPPA website.

TAPPA 2013 will be hosted by South Texas College, McAllen, and held in South Padre Island, April 13th-16th, 2013. Gloria Fuller has Business Partner sponsor packets available.

Recognition of Outgoing President and Incoming President

Ron Tarbutton, Texas Woman’s University, recognized the accomplishments and contributions by the outgoing President Ward Sheeder. Ward was presented a gift card and an award thanking him for his leadership of DFWAPPA in 2011-2012.

Ward ceremoniously handed over the DFWAPPA gavel to incoming President Shelton Riley.

Door Prizes: drawings for gift cards.

A motion was made to adjourn and seconded.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00p.m.

Dinner was served.