Annual Meeting Minutes 2010

May 20, 2010

Member group picture was taken in front of Hubbard Hall.

4:00 p.m. Officer Reports Presented

Secretary report

2009 Annual Meeting minutes were distributed to members.

Ward Sheeder made a motion to accept the minutes

Meeting Location:

Texas Woman’s University, Hubbard Hall Banquet Room, Denton, TX

2:00-2:30 p.m.

Registration/Meet and Greet

2:30 p.m.

Welcome to members by Harold Johnson / TWU

Several door prizes given out

2:45 p.m.

Meeting called to order by Dee Littlejohn


Dee Littlejohn welcomed the attendees to the meeting and recognized new business partners and new facilities members.

Current Board members were introduced: Past President Robert Taylor, President Dee Littlejohn, VP Ron Tarbutton, Secretary Gail Henderson, Treasurer Sallie Spotanski, Sr. Board Member John Shen, and Jr. Board Member Ward Sheeder.

3:00 p.m. Technical Presentation

Technical Presentation was given by Multivista Construction Documentation on the benefits of having construction projects pictorially documented from start to finish.

3:30 p.m.

Tour of TWU’s new Science Building as read; Sallie Spotanski seconded. The 2009 Annual Meeting minutes were voted and accepted as written. Minutes will be posted to DFWAPPA web site.

VP report

Next DFWAPPA meeting to be held in August, at TDI’s facility location. TDI will sponsor registration, lunch, technical presentation.

Future meeting sponsorships available—see John Shen or sign-up sheets at registration table.

Treasury report distributed to members, $12,523.85 balance as of 5/19/10.

$2,452.17 earmarked for scholarship fund.

Art Sykes made a motion to accept Treasury report; Robert Taylor seconded. Treasury report voted and accepted as read.

Sr. Board Member report

John announced the Minute Update on the DFWAPPA web site. Would like to highlight Business Partners and Facilities Members, advertise training opportunities, and post job openings. Need suggestions and input from members.

Jr. Board Member Report

Progress of 2010 DFWAPPA golf tournament. The tournament is scheduled to be held at the Texas Woman’s University golf course on June 18th, 2010. Rain date will be June 25th. Half of proceeds will be earmarked for the DFWAPPA Scholarship Fund. Still need golfer goody bag items.

Several door prizes were given out

Old Business

Reminder to business partners that the $175 annual dues are due to be paid now.

New Business

The DFWAPPA sponsor fees remain unchanged:

  • Web Site Sponsor $400.00
  • Registration Sponsor $150.00
  • Lunch/Dinner Sponsor $250.00
  • Break Sponsor $75.00
  • Technical Session Sponsor $300.00
  • Newsletter Sponsor $100.00
  • Gift Sponsor $150.00
  • A $100.00 discount will be offered to a company willing to sponsor all three quarterly meeting sponsorships (registration, meal, and technical session).


Robert Taylor proposed amendments to bylaws regarding: Emeritus Members, Treasurer’s obligations, Special Awards Committee, Scholarship Committee, Source of Scholarship Funding, Scholarships, and Dissolution of Residual Funds. Proposed changes were distributed to members.

Kevin Folsom made a motion to accept proposed bylaw amendments; Art Sykes seconded. Members voted and accepted amendments to bylaws.

Election of New Board Members

The list of board nominees were read and the floor was opened for additional nominations from the membership. Individual board nominees were voted on one at a time and approved by a general membership vote.

The new Board members are: President Ron Tarbutton, Vice President John Shen, Secretary Ward Sheeder, Treasurer Sallie Spotanski, Senior Board member Shelton Riley, Junior Board Member Gail Henderson, and Past President Dee Littlejohn.

The new Board members were formally installed with an oath of office.

Past President Dee Littlejohn announced the President Awards winners.

Facilities member Ward Sheeder, Texas Woman’s University

Business Partner Doug Titus, of ASSA ABLOY

Emeritus Award, Gloria Fuller, retired UNT/HSC

Final Announcements

Dee Littlejohn thanked the meeting sponsors:

  • Registration sponsored by Core Construction
  • Technical Presentation by Multivista Construction Documentation
  • Dinner sponsored by Nouveau Construction and Technology Services
  • DFWAPPA Quarterly Meeting August 19, 2010, at TDIndustries

APPA 2010 Conference and Exhibition scheduled July 14-16 in Boston, MA

CAPPA 2010 will be in Lincoln, NE September 25-29.

Need volunteers for committees: Nominating, Special Awards, Bylaws, Scholarship. Sign-up sheets are located on registration table.

Dee Littlejohn recognized and thanked Restoration Specialists for the initial $500 donation in 2009 to start the DFWAPPA scholarship.

Recognition of Outgoing President and Incoming President

Kevin Folsom, Dallas Theological Seminary, spoke to the meeting attendees recognizing the accomplishments and contribution by the outgoing President, Dee Littlejohn. Dee Littlejohn was then presented with a gift card and award thanking her for her leadership of DFWAPPA.

Dee Littlejohn ceremoniously handed over the DFWAPPA gavel to incoming President Ron Tarbutton.

Ron announced the 2011 TAPPA conference would be held in Houston, TX, April 16-20, 2011.

Several door prizes were given out

Motion made by Art Sykes to adjourn the business meeting; seconded by Ward Sheeder.

Meeting Adjourned at 4:50 pm.

Dinner was served from 4:50 – 6:00pm.