May 15, 2014

DFWAPPA Annual Meeting Minutes

May 15, 2014

Meeting Location:  Eastfield College – Mesquite, Texas

 1:30-2:15 pm Registration- Meet and Greet

 2:15 pm Rod Moran called meeting called to order. Welcome given to members by Adrian Douglas, V.P.

Business Services, Eastfield College.


Rod Moran recognized new business partners and new facilities members, and meeting sponsors:

Reed, Wells, Benson & Co. – Registration;

Joe W. Fly, Co. – Dinner;

Mooring Recovery Services – Technical Presentation;

Tandus – Prize Sponsor.

Current Board members were introduced: Past President-Shelton Riley; President-Rod Moran, Vice President-Michael Brantley; Secretary-Gail Henderson; Treasurer-Sallie Spotanski; Sr. Board Member- Hollis Dyer (not present); Jr. Board Member-Chad Crocker; Web Master-Dee Littlejohn.

Ward Sheeder gave an update to members on the 2014 DFWAPPA Golf Tournament. Approximately $10,000 profit with half to go into the DFWAPPA Scholarship fund.

 Bruce McNabb – Tandus, and Sallie Spotanski handed out door prizes.

2:30-3:15 pm Technical Presentation

The Technical presentation was given by Rick Lanahan of Mooring Recovery Services, Disaster Recovery Planning.

 Door Prizes were handed out

3:30-4:00pm Tour: Eastfield Technology Building


DFWAPPA Group Picture taken

 4:30p.m. Business Meeting Officer Reports:

 Secretary’s Report

Copies of previous annual meeting minutes dated 5-16-2013 were provided for members to         review. The Secretary had nothing else to report. Chad Crocker made a motion to accept the Secretary’s report; Byron Knight seconded the motion. Minutes approved by the general membership. The 2013 Annual Meeting Minutes will be posted on DFWAPPA web site.

Treasurer’s Report

Copies of the Treasury Report were provided for members to review. Sallie reported the balance in the main DFWAPPA account is $15,646.28 and the Scholarship Fund account is $5,996.23. Shelton Riley made a motion to accept the treasurer’s report and Dee Littlejohn seconded; Treasurer’s report was approved by the general membership.

Special Committee Report

Copies of the DFWAPPA Bylaws with proposed changes were provided for members to review. Sallie Spotanski reported proposed changes to the bylaws.

 A motion to accept the proposed bylaw changes was made by Gloria Fuller, Shelton Riley seconded. The proposed bylaw changes were approved by the general membership.


Election of New Board Members

Shelton Riley, Nomination Committee Chairman, read the board nominee for Jr. Board Member: Chris Campbell-Tarrant County College District, Matt Elgin-Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary, Adam Qualkenbush-Eastfield College. The floor was opened for additional nominations from the general membership.  No other nominations were given. The general membership voted in Adam Qualkenbush as the new Jr. Board Member.


The 2013-2014 board members are:

President Michael Brantley, Vice President Hollis Dyer, Secretary Gail Henderson, Treasurer Sallie Spotanski, Senior Board member Chad Crocker,  Junior Board member Adam Qualkenbush, Web Master Dee Littlejohn, and Past President Rod Moran.

The new Board members were formally installed with an oath of office given by Shelton Riley.

 President Report

Special Awards

Rod Moran recognized two people for their outstanding support and contribution to the DFWAPPA organization throughout the 2013-2014 year.

The 2013 Presidential Awards were presented to:

Facilities Member Shelton Riley, Texas Christian University

Business Partner Ric Dian, The Brandt Companies


                Half of net proceeds from fund raising events such as the DFWAPPA golf tournament go to       the DFWAPPA Scholarship Fund. Business Partner donations are also a source of scholarship funds.  

Four $500 educational scholarships were awarded the following institutions:

                University of North Texas

                Texas Christian University

                Texas Woman’s University-Denton

                Tarrant County College



Shelton Riley will be the 2015 DFWAPPA Golf Tournament director – see Shelton for sponsorship opportunities.

 TAPPA 2015 – Gloria Fuller reported that the 2015 TAPPA Conference will be hosted by Southern Methodist University and will be held at the Dallas Hyatt Regency, March 28-31, 2015. Gloria has Business Partner sponsorship information and speakers should register now.


Final Announcements

Incoming President, Michael Brantley, thanked the annual meeting sponsors: Reed, Wells, Benson & Co; Joe W. Fly, Co.; Mooring Recovery Services; and Tandus.

 The next DFWAPPA Quarterly Meeting will be held August 14, 2014, and will be sponsored by Metro Golf Cars. Location to be announced.

Door Prizes were handed out.

Recognition of Outgoing President and Incoming President

Rod Moran was recognized for his contributions and presented a gift card and an award thanking him for his leadership of DFWAPPA in 2013-2014.

 Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.

Dinner was served.



Report by Gail Henderson